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Fundamental Password Guidance Can Radically Enhance Security Of The Account, Study Shows

Technology consumers must be provided more thorough guidance and support when generating passwords for account so as to make them harder to crack and more secure, a study recommends. Study spearheaded by the University of Plymouth discovered that those who got fundamental guidance comprising password meters were almost 40% more liable to make their selections safe.

On the other hand, those offered feedback such as how possible it was that attackers might deduct their passwords (and consequently authorize personal data in their accounts) were almost 10x more probable to alter their initial selection to something safer. The study was carried out by the CSCAN (University Centre for Security, Communications and Network Research), in association with the Department of Computer Sciences at Purdue University and the Desautels Faculty of Management at McGill University.

Posted in Computers & Security, the study comes at a time when the worldwide cyber security danger is carrying on to increase with accounts controlled by organizations and individuals continuously at jeopardy of attack.

Director of CSCAN and Professor of Information Security, Steve Furnell, claimed: “Over the last handful of years, various security incidents and cyber attacks have showed that protecting professional and personal data is no longer an elective duty. Still it takes place out of accidental mistakes such as carelessness, negligence, and human errors. In spite of the advancement in security tech, the weakest bond in the data security world is none other than the end-users. So it is necessary that more support is provided to try and defeat this in the upcoming time.”

The research aimed on 2 experiments developed to examine how differences in feedback and password meter usage can positively impact resulting selections of password. The results demonstrated the amount of selections tagged as “weak” drop from 75%, where consumers got no guidance, to almost 1/3rd when they were given more guidance.

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