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Fundamental Law Of Electric Wind In Plasma Identified By Researchers

A group from KAIST recognized the fundamental law of electric wind in plasma. This discovery will add up to designing tech in different applications of plasma, comprising the technology of fluid control. Department of Physics’ Professor Wonho Choe and his group recognized the main theory in plasma for neutral gas flow, dubbed as ‘electric wind’, in association with team of Professor Se Youn Moon at Chonbuk National University.

Electric wind in plasma is a famous result of reactions taking place from collisions among neutral particles and charged particles (such as ions or electrons). It brings up the neutral gas flow that takes place when charged particles speed up and bump with a neutral gas. This is a method to generate movement of air without motorized movement, such as movement by fan wings, and it is attaining interest as a next-gen tech to restore present fans. On the other hand, there was no investigational proof of the cause.

To recognize the cause, the group employed atmospheric pressure plasma. Consequently, the group accomplished in recognizing space charge drift and streamer propagation in a qualitative manner from EHD (electrohydrodynamic) force. As per the group, streamer propagation has very negligible impact on electric wind. On the other hand, space charge drift that comes after streamer propagation and bumps with it was the main reason for electric wind.

The group also recognized that instead of negatively charged ions, electrons were main elements of generation for electric wind in particular plasmas. In addition to this, with the uppermost speed of 4 m/s, electric wind was generated in a helium jet plasma. This is equal to a typhoon’s 1/4th speed. These outcomes point out that the research can offer fundamental laws to successfully manage the pace of electric wind. Professor Choe claimed, “These findings set a noteworthy basis to recognize the interactions between neutral particles and electrons or ions.”

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