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Crypto Investment App Introduced By Circle In Total 46 States Of The US

Circle Invest had announced its plans of introducing digital investment and storage app around four months backs. And now it has officially launched its Crypto Investment App.

The firm released the product through Google Play and Apple App Store in 46 states of the United States this includes Minnesota, New York, and Hawaii. The company while describing the app stated that development of this platform is strongly focused on investment and not on the recent trends. Before the official launch, the app was made available to some of the selected users for testing purpose. However, at present, the app is in early access phase, even it is open to download.

Based on the email conversation with a customer, it is affirmed that the app will be soon available in New York and the company is furiously working on it. Circle is among the 4 organization to have a valid state-approved BitLicense that are associated with strict regulations in terms of cryptocurrency exchanges.

The company has invited the users to give their feedback on the app functionality and operation. The app basically enables the user to trade or invest in bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum classic, ethereum, and many other tokens that are expected to come in the future, as per the Circle’s website. However, XRP was just introduced as it wasn’t listed on the company’s website. The app lets users sync with bank accounts for instant deposits and also delivers market performance and statistical data.

As referred to the website, it trading service offered through the application will be totally commission-free. The revenue model of Circle Invest depends on the 1.5–2% difference between sell and buy prices of the coins. In terms of security, users are provided with privacy protection, two-step verification, and offline storage.

Circle has recently acquired Poloniex, a cryptocurrency exchange which will serve as a base for future-based cryptomarkets for multiple trading of digital tokens.

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