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Turbocharging Fuel Cells With A Multipurpose Catalyst

Powering clean, efficient cars is merely single approach fuel cell technology can speed up humanity into a feasible energy future; however, regrettably, the technology was a little slothful. Now, engineers might be capable to effectively turbocharge fuel cells with a novel catalyst.

The slowness is brought about by a chemical blockage, the oxygen processing rate, a vital component that assists fuel cells that are associated with batteries, generate electricity. The researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have developed a new catalyst, which is a nanotechnology substance that noticeably accelerates the oxygen processing and is the focus of a new research.

Partially to house the limitations of oxygen, fuel cells generally need pure hydrogen fuel that counters with the oxygen obtained from the air; however, the price of generating the hydrogen has been restrictive. The new catalyst is a possible game-changer.

The one who directed the study, Meilin Liu, said, “It can simply transform chemical energy into electrical energy with high effectiveness. It can enable you to utilize readily obtainable fuels such as natural gas or methane or simply use hydrogen fuel much more resourcefully.”

The catalyst attains the competence by running oxygen through the system of a fuel cell. There are some sorts of fuel cells; however, the team functioned to enhance solid oxide fuel cells that are located in few prototypical fuel cell cars. The study insights can also help in sharpening the supercapacitors and technology coupled with solar panels, thereby progressing sustainable energy further than the new catalyst’s instantaneous potential to enhance upon fuel cells.

This study was published by Chen and Liu in the March issue of the Joule journal. Their study was backed by the Guangdong Innovative and Entrepreneurial Research Program and the U.S. Department of Energy. The fuel cell work from the laboratory of Liu has already magnetized noteworthy interest from the automotive industry and energy industry.

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