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Researchers Get Closer To Developing Innovative Battery To Power Renewable Energy Industry

Any inhabitant of the Great Plains can bear out to the enormous extent of wind farms that gradually dot the landscape. In the Midwest and somewhere else, the wind energy holds for an ever-bigger portion of U.S. energy creation: Around $143 Billion was spent in the past decade for the new wind assignments, as per the American Wind Energy Association. Nevertheless, the bang in wind energy confronts an obstacle—how to cheaply and efficiently store energy produced by turbines when the wind blows; however, the power needs are low.

Professor of petroleum and chemical engineering, the University of Kansas, Trung Van Nguyen, said, “We get loads of wind during the night, exceeding that at daytime, but the requirement for electrical energy is less at night, so, they are discarding it or they shut the turbines—we are wasting energy. If we can hoard this surplus at night and deliver or sell it during daytime at crest requirement, this would let wind farm holders make more wealth and support their investment. Simultaneously, you set up more wind energy and decrease the requirement for fossil fuels.”

Nguyen, since 2010, has directed research to build up a sophisticated hydrogen-bromine flow battery, a superior industrial-scale battery model—it would be about the dimension of a semi-truck—which the engineers have endeavored to build up since the 1960s. It can function simply as well to stock up electrical energy from solar farms, to be released during the night when there is no sun.

For one, there is the electrode build by Nguyen at KU. The electrode of a battery is where the electrical current leaves or enters the battery when it is not charged. To be maximally competent, an electrode requires too much surface area. The research team has designed a carbon electrode with the greater surface area by directly developing carbon nanotubes on the porous electrode’s carbon fibers.

The new results to build up an industrial-scale sophisticated hydrogen-bromine flow battery will be displayed this May in Seattle at the conference of the Electrochemical Society.

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