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Scientists Seek For Clues In Big Data To Engage Stem Cells For Repairing Of Brain

A group at the Medicine by Design of University of Toronto has merged the newest genomic tech with ML (machine learning) in a new research that clears doubt related brain stem cells, offering deep understanding that can one day assist the brain cure itself.

“This study informs us more related to how fully developed neural stem cells are generated in the brain. Theses stem cells are necessary for generating future medical therapies for nervous system and brain injuries,” claims a professor of molecular genetics & computer science at Donnelly Centre for Cellular and Biomolecular Research of University of Toronto and one of the study’s authors, Gary Bader, to the media in an interview.

The paper, posted in a latest issue of Cell Reports, defines how developed brain’s stem cells arise in the developing cortex from their parent cells. The cortex is the exterior covering of the mammalian brain in charge of cognitive operations.

Incorporated with a new powerful tech dubbed as single-cell genomics, Bader along with associates David Kaplan and Freda Miller (both senior researchers at the SickKids (Hospital for Sick Children) and professors at department of molecular genetics of University of Toronto) evaluated brain cells’ thorough molecular profiles in the developed and developing brain of mouse. This permitted them to identify when cortical stem cells obtain their lifetime identity during development and are set away so they can contribute to tissue and memory repair as well as learning in adulthood.

Apart from offering a pipeline for how the brain shapes, the scientists believe the discovery also holds hints for how to wake up stem cells to improve repair of the tissue.

“Most of the tissues in the body can heal on their own,” claims Bader. “The further we have data about how stem cells assist develop the brain at the time of development, the simpler it will be to hire them to cure damaged brains,” he claimed.

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