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Bank4YOU Declares Accepting Of Byteball Payments

Bank4YOU always has its keen eye on the situation of the blockbuster market. Byteball, a young currency, has been included to the current list of acknowledged fiat and crypto currencies. Leading-management positions great expectations on this currency and begins operating with it amongst the first, offering its users the chance to make the contribution to ICO campaign in addition with ETH, BTC, GBP, USD, and EUR.

Bank4YOU launches the chance to pay for buying BFY tokens employing crypto currency for Byteball, making simpler the exchange system as feasible as possible.

Mobile Money Remittance System (MMRS) is a new word in the sector of mobile money transactions. A ground-breaking e-payment system, generated through blocking tech to make sure the effortlessness of payments at the territories not accessible for other methods of transaction money or bank transfers. The service is exclusive, since it will be possible to transact money to any part of the world without binding to recognized banking firms. The service of MMRS was constructively examined by experts in London from the Crypto Investor Show, where it was rolled out by, Shantnu Saxena, the new CEO of the company.

For this week, the MMRS ICO gained $7,535,815 overall. Only two weeks are left till the conclusion of final round, so the best move for all those who need to advantage from the smart investment is to connect right now to Bank4YOU ground-breaking project.

Byteball is a new type of DAG-supported crypto-cash. This is one more representative of a fresh hopeful trend: a coin without mining and blocking, with unchanged and fast transactions that can be confirmed or hidden with the assistance of a 3rd party.

Bank4YOU Group is not a company, but a recognized global group of fin-tech service firms working within the arena of electronic mobile transaction services, as per the media.

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