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Bring The Future Of AI To All, A Major Breakthrough For Blockchain Project Of China

AICHAIN, the prominent blockchain project of China in AI field, has been strike with investors nowadays. As the foremost blockchain development in China, its exclusive research logic magnetizes people the most. The AICHAIN team, in 2017, began to merge AI with blockchain, devoted attempt to observe the advance in blockchain industry.

The basic model was first completed in June 2017; its chief intention is to offer an open-source interface for data owner, operation platform, application developer, and customers. It is developed to assist everybody to use tailored AI application with no technical obstacles and low price. AICHAIN has assembled more than 100,000 supporters in over 6 nations in 3 Months only.

Since the development began, it has been reported by the most well-known Internet website of China, Sohu Finance & Economics and by most well-known official TV of China, CCTV Security. AICHAIN has initially deemed transforming blockchain technology into the helpful application. The top video live broadcasting firm in China, Easy Live, has inked strategic cooperation accord with AICHIAN. In future, the AIT will be shifted on Easy Live by over 20,000,000 users.

The prominent investment firm in the blockchain, INBlockchain, has inked a pact with AICHAIN of deep investment, considering the worth of merging AI with blockchain. The AICHAIN project has gained seed investments from the biggest blockchain firm in China, Bitmain that has supercomputing mining machine.

Professional idea assembles the talents, similar is with AICHAIN team. This group has renowned scientists in AI, ambitious entrepreneur from the biggest blockchain computing enterprise of China, well-known scholars from Tsinghua University and UCLA, and marketing expert. AICHAIN has set up base in America and China, a devoted endeavor in marketing and research.

With the Chinese State Council taking up blockchain in its thirteenth 5-Year Plan, the Chinese policymakers are keen to put the standards and framework that speeds up the industry acceptance of blockchain technology. At present, AICHAIN is offering an attempt to technology creativity in China.

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