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Intel Deems Blockchain Can Support Next-Gen Media Rights Manager

Tech giant Intel is connecting the rising listing of enterprise companies that perceive blockchain as a means to re-imagine digital rights management. The Silicon Valley tech firm, in a patent application issued by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office on March 8, illustrated a technique for making use of a blockchain to download the rights to digital pictures—one it deems is distinctive enough to be a guarded innovation.

The patent application mentions, “Blockchain technology is utilized to record and validate features of digital content that are pertinent to copyright protection. Such features may embrace, for example, an identifier for the content’s author, a timestamp to specify when the content was produced, and an assessment that can later be utilized to identify modification or copying of the content.”

As depicted, the projected platform utilizes numerous sorts of software to evaluate copyright policy settings automatically for every picture, albeit the image was obtained from external resources. Then, it generates a unique identity for the original content as well as any tailored editions. The patent indicates these traits “shadow images.”

The patent of Intel continues to cite video and other sorts of content away from pictures, providing a more wide-ranging rights system with added features. For instance, the system of Intel tries to enable the users to uphold ongoing works, comprising “unstructured” portions such as literature with numerous editors. This way, the content can be tailored only in keeping the copyright policy settings.

Yet, Intel is distant from alone in following the idea. Besides blockchain industry attempts, such as Berklee’s Open Music Initiative, firms consisting of China’s WENN Digital and ZhongAn are firms to make titles for analogous plans in recent weeks.

Also, the patent is that most recent that discovers Intel looking forward to guarding its intellectual creations associated with the industry. A patent was filed by the firm in June 2016 for blockchain-supported software to assist study DNA, genetic sequencing particularly.

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