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From Utility-Scale To Residential, Solar Wins In Latest State-Level Moves

A chain of latest state-level moves have been praised by industry supporters. These moves were seen as optimistic measures for boosting deployments of utility-scale, community-scale, and residential solar.

On March 9, 2018, Gov. Andrew Cuomo declared that New York has sanctioned competitive awards below the Clean Energy Standard of the state authorized for 22 utility-scale solar initiatives. The awards are fraction of $1.4 Billion rewarded for a sum of 26 projects of renewable energy in the state. Abigail Ross Hopper, the CEO and President of SEIA (Solar Energy Industries Association), in an interview highly praised Cuomo for what she claimed is a significant assurance for solar energy.

“These 22 solar initiatives will create billions of dollars in investment, generate thousands of jobs, and convey affordable & clean energy to the people in the state of New York,” she claimed. “It is extremely rewarding to witness that the Empire State has made this innovative investment in the sector of solar power.”

On March 9, 2018, Gov. Ralph Northam inked an omnibus Virginia energy bill that assigns 5.5 GW of wind as well as solar energy in the interest of public. The bill also starts a procedure to update the state’s power grid to assist boost development of the renewable energy. Sean Gallagher, the Vice President for State Affairs at SEIA, claimed in an interview that the discovery of public interest is a “huge first step” in Virginia for solar.

“We must make sure that the modernization process of grid that this bill starts solicits the public’s input, is data-driven, and is not a blank cheque for a utility to invest money of consumers with a bit of accountability,” claimed Gallagher. By the end of 2022, Virginia is anticipated to have a solar installed of almost 2 GW of capacity, before considering the new rule, as per SEIA.

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