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Favorable Skin Bacteria Defends Skin Cancer

Scientists are busy with their efforts to unpeel the layers the skin microbiome to expose the protective properties that rest within. The case study published by researchers of University of California San Diego School of Medicine stated that some kind of bacteria on skin have the potential to safeguard against skin cancer.

“On a healthy human skin, we came across Staphylococcus epidermis strain that has a discerning ability to slow down the development of cancers,” said chair of the Department of Dermatology at UC San Diego School of Medicine and MD, PhD, Distinguished Professor, Richard Gallo.

“This distinctive strain of bacteria creates a chemical, which destroys various kinds of cancer cells and doesn’t harm to the healthy cells,” he added.

The team found that 6-N-hydroxyaminopurine (6-HAP) chemical compound is produced by S. epidermidis strain. In this case, mice that didn’t create 6-HAP with S. epidermidis on their skin were identified with multiple tumors post exposing it to ultraviolet rays that cause cancer. While on the side, mice producing 6-HAP with a strain of S. epidermidis wasn’t detected with cancerous tumors.

The term 6-HAP is molecule that damages the formation of DNA, which is known as DNA synthesis, and averts the expansion of altered cancer cells and possibility to restrain progress of UV-stimulated skin tumor. In the observation, it was seen that the mice that got 6-HAP intravenous injections in the cycle of 48 Hours for the duration of two week went through a no evident deadly effects, but after transplanting with melanoma cells, the size of the tumor was

Gallo stated that there are number of evidence that convey the criticality of skin microbiome and its significance in human health. The next study will be focused on how the 6-HAP is created and also to understand whether loss of 6-HAP rises the risk of cancer.

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