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Research Gets Nearer To Inventing Revolutionary Battery To Fuel The Renewable Energy Market

Any inhabitant of the Great Plains can validate the huge scale of wind farms, which stands more and more on the countryside. Wind energy in the Midwest adds up for an ever-larger slice of the energy production in the U.S. In the last 10 Years, $143 Billion was spent into fresh wind initiatives, as per the data provided by the American Wind Energy Association.

On the other hand, the explosion in wind energy encounters a challenge: how to cheaply and effectively amass energy produced by the blowing wind and rotation of turbines when the requirements for energy are low?

“We receive a huge amount of wind at nighttime, as compared in daytime, but requirement for electricity is less at nighttime. So, they are they lock up turbines since the picture that forms depicts that we are wasting energy,” claimed professor at the University of Kansas for petroleum & chemical engineering, Trung Van Nguyen, to the media in an interview.

“If we can amass this surplus at night wind and deliver or sell in daytime at peak requirements, this will permit owners of wind farm to make more cash and use their investment. Simultaneously, you set up additional wind energy and lower the requirement for fossil fuels.”

From 2010, Nguyen has spearheaded the study to design an improved flow battery made form hydrogen and bromine. This is an enhanced industrial-scale design of the battery. It will be almost the equal to a semi-truck in size. Engineers have tried to develop this type of battery since the 60s. It can operate to amass electricity from renewable energy farms, which will be discharged at the night time when there is no sun.

The study is financially supported by the Advanced Research Projects Agency-Energy as well as the National Science Foundation, as per the media reports and the industry sources.

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