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Anonymous Bitcoin Millionaires Find It Hard To Cash Out

Whether users like to discuss it or not, DNM (darknet markets) are real, and some user think that these are not crimes. Some recognized users of bitcoins have made billions by collecting the currency in its childhood days. But there are also unidentified millionaires that many of us will not be aware of.

DNM vendors and operators are among earliest adopters of bitcoin since the beginning of the Silk Road (the first modern DNM) rolled out in 2011. Estimates claim that this DNM grabbed in $30–45 Million per year with 3,877 vendors and 146,946 purchasers in 2013. When the Silk Road fell in October 2013, many of those merchants shifted on to fresh DNMs and most of them still survive today.

As per a report by industry analysts, number of DNM vendors have acquired huge amount of bitcoins by trading online their deeds and wares. However, getting cash by trading them is not an easy task. Analysts claim that most of the super-rich merchants have even made contact with Swiss banks attempting to exit from the matter in a silent manner.

Some have even proposed bank workers 10% to help them out of the matter. In addition to this, some DNM merchants from marketplaces such as the Point market, the Wall Street Market, and others explains how they got their bitcoins back into the game.

One way is integrating the coins and trading them domestically to somebody who is ready to pay cash in return of crypto currency. One more process is buying prepaid cards with the bitcoins that provide gift redemptions and credits to a broad series of shops.

A funny way is employing Western Union (the payment service) as one merchant transacts his coins to the portal that automatically transports bitcoin to accounts of Western Union, as per the analysts.

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