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Graphics Quality Going Through Revolution With Directx Raytracing

Microsoft at GDC announced a totally new feature for DirectX 12 named as DirectX Raytracing (DXR). This new API delivers accelerated hardware raytracing with DirectX applications. This enhances the minute detailing of the new-generation games with addition more shadows, live lighting, and materials. With the speed and advancement in graphics quality, the day isn’t far when will be able to see photorealistic imagery that we presently see in Hollywood blockbusters.

GPU plays a crucial role in the whole graphics development. The basic ideology always remains the same no matter what GPU you have in your system; May it be $3,000 Nvidia’s Titan V or the smallest one assembled in $35 Raspberry Pi.

Since 1990s when 3D accelerators were introduced a number of GPU aspects are altered or totally change. All the major changes are majorly based on the common principle, rasterization.

How does it work at present?

Normally, a 3D scene is made with the combination of multiple different elements this includes 3D models built with triangles with diverse textures, lights to lighten up the objects, and camera or viewport installed capturing the scene from a specific position. Fundamentally, the camera signifies a raster pixel grid in rasterization. The rasterization engine checks whether each pixel overlaps, for each triangle present in the scene. If it overlaps, the pixel is applied to same triangle color. The engine starts functioning from the foremost triangle progresses near to the camera. So in the case, if one of the triangles vague another then first the back triangle color with applied to the pixel and next to the front triangle.

Here comes the raytracing

It is a novel technique for creating computer graphics that much likely imitate this physical procedure. Relying on the precise algorithm applied, the lights are either projected from each raster pixel or each light source. These lights keep bouncing nearby the objects until they hit a light source or camera. The rays are less intensive computationally from a light source. This method delivers more precise images through which raytracing engines can easily produce photorealistic imagery.

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