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A Huge Wave Of Merchant Acceptance For Bitcoin Cash Ecosystem Generated

As per the recent announcement, Bitpay is introducing BCH (bitcoin cash) integration for the loadable Visa debit cards of the firm. The company has brought in BCH invoice support for the entire vendor lobby of the company. This move the bitcoin cash can be used up with thousands of merchants around the globe.

There is a drastic rise in the merchant adoption for BCH ecosystem. Bitpay has developed a full-fledged bitcoin cash payments system for all its merchants and vendors that use payment processing services of the firm. List of Bitpay’s merchant has grown significantly since last year after the fad of cryptocurrency influence all around the globe. There was a considerable growth in merchants numbers specifically in Asia, the US, Europe, and South America.

The BCH supporters have been exceptionally satisfied to see their choice vendors and merchants taking payment in the form of BCH with low network fees. Apmex, eGifter, Wefunder, Newegg, Heifer International, Vultr, Gyft, Vodi, Namecheap, JM Bullion, and Zeek are some of the Bitpay vendors that accept the bitcoin cash. This list also comprises a large number of charities and non-profits organizations such as Wikipedia, the Internet Archive, Save the Children, and the Electronic Frontier Foundation. BCH payment is also well-suited with BIP70 (a payment-protocol) that is deployed in Bitpay invoices. Moreover, there is also an addition of more wallets supporting this feature, while recently Electron Cash client. In addition, a wallet that works well with BCH Payment-Protocol includes Wallet, Mycelium, Bitcoin Core, Bitpay, Electrum, BRD Wallet, Copay, and Edge. BCH users who operate with these types of wallets can use any merchant of Bitpay.

The announcement of Bitpay combining bitcoin cash has made BCH proponents happy as the cross-border payment platform of South Korean and total merchants onboard on the ecosystem will augment the BCH usage significantly.

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