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Drawing Inspiration From Animals And Plants To Heal Tissue

Scientists from the Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering and the Harvard John A. Paulson’s SEAS (School of Engineering and Applied Sciences) have designed fresh wound dressings that radically enhance tissue regeneration and speed up healing. The 2 different kinds of nano fiber dressings, defined in different papers, employ naturally present proteins in animals and plants to re-grow tissue and help healing.

“Our fiber production system was designed particularly for the aim of designing therapeutics for the war’s wounds,” claimed the senior author of the study and Tarr Family Professor of Applied Physics and Bioengineering at SEAS, Kit Parker, to the media in an interview. “As a warrior in Afghanistan, I saw horrifying wounds and, at times, the process of healing for those wounds was a dreadfulness into itself. This study is a year’s extended effort by many individuals in my group to assist with these issues.”

Parker is also a Wyss Institute’s Core Faculty Member. The latest paper, posted in Biomaterials, defines dressing of a wound stimulated by fetal tissue.

In the late 1970s, when researchers first began studying the healing process of wound early in progress, they found out something unanticipated: wounds incurred prior to the 3rd trimester gave no scars. This unlocked a series of possibilities for regenerative medication. But for years, scientists have grappled to duplicate those unique characteristics of fetal skin.

Dissimilar to the adult skin, fetal skin has increased amounts of a protein dubbed as fibronectin that promotes adhesion & cell binding and assembles into the extracellular matrix. Fibronectin has 2 arrangements: fibrous, which is discovered in tissue, and globular, which is discovered in blood. Although fibrous fibronectin has the most commitment for healing of wound, earlier research aimed on the globular arrangement, partly because producing fibrous fibronectin was a huge engineering hurdle.

But Parker and his group are established players in the field of nano fiber engineering.

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