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Trinapro, A New Smart PV Solution Introduced By Trina Solar

A leading solar energy solutions provider, Trina Solar Limited, rolled out a new intelligent smart PV solution, named TrinaPro, at its Changzhou-based headquarters in China.

The structure of TrinaPro design in terms of utility is attributed to ground-mounted PV systems. It is the result of the joint efforts led by Trina Solar, Sungrow Power Supply Co, and Huawei Technologies Co on the basis of cooperation agreement and Nclave Renewable’s strategic cooperation agreement.

This development led by Trina Solar is the first and only smart PV solution with an ameliorated combination of top-notch inverters, high-tech solar tracker systems, and advanced solar modules. As it is considered as a novel and esteemed product, TrinaPro is segmented by smart O&M interconnection, premium components, and optimized system integration.

In terms of mounting, the smart PV solution by Trina Solution comes with both floating and ground-mounted solutions. The highly advanced solar tracker system will help to improvise the energy expansion by 10–30%. The floating solution creates scope to various water bodies such as beaches, reservoirs, lakes, and others.

TrinaPro helps to enhance the stability of the system with elevated power creation and low cost associated to BOS, intended to lower LCOE of the system. And these all benefits are attributed to the “Edge Computing” algorithm integration and optimized synchronization among the components.

In addition, with the integration of cloud-based smart O&M system and “Edge Computing” algorithm, TrinaPro is authorized to process and analyze the data from the cloud. This process ensures efficient and smooth functioning of the system and recuperates operational model.

CEO and Chairman of Trina Solar, Gao Jifan, while talking at the global launch event, said that being a subordinate accomplice in the energy industry, it is one of the critical segments that has the capacity to boost the momentum of the overall industry.

He also added that TrinaPro will deliver high return benefits on investment.

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