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Prosthetic Memory System Thriving In Patients

Prosthetic Memory System Thriving In Patients

Researchers at the USC (University of Southern California) and Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center have established the successful completion of a prosthetic system that employs own memory patterns of a person to help the ability of the brain to recall and encode memory.

In the pilot research, posted in this week’s Journal of Neural Engineering, near-term performance of the participants’ memory displayed a 35% to 37% enhancement over baseline calculations.

“This is the first time researchers have been capable of identifying own brain cell code of a patient or memory pattern and, fundamentally, alter that code to make current memory work more nicely. This is a significant first step in possibly restoring loss of memory,” claimed Robert Hampson, the lead author of the study and professor at Wake Forest Baptist for neurology and pharmacology/physiology, to the media in an interview.

The research aimed on enhancing episodic memory, which is the most ordinary kind of memory loss in users suffering from Alzheimer’s as well as from head injury and stroke. Episodic memory is data that is useful and new for a short amount of time, such as where you parked your bike on any particular day. On the other hand, reference memory is data that is used and held for a long time, such as what is studied in college.

The scientists registered Wake Forest Baptist’s epilepsy patients who were taking part in an analytical brain-mapping process that employed surgically entrenched electrodes positioned in different regions of the brain to locate the origin of the seizures in the patients. Employing the electronic prosthetic system of the team based on a MIMO (multiple input multiple output) nonlinear math model, the scientist manipulated the firing patterns of various hippocampus’ neurons. Now, hippocampus is a fraction of the brain included in creating new memories in 8 of those patients.

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