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UK Offshore Wind Project Debut To Be Hosted By Scotland

Vattenfall’s European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre based in Aberdeen Bay got its first suction bucket jacket foundations which seem too enormous and a game changer. And now North-East Scotland has been installed with UK offshore wind. The installation by Vattenfall’s EOWDC was done in just 15 Hours.

In terms of commercial deployment of EOWDC, Aberdeen Bay was the first location of the offshore wind project with the setup of 11 steel jackets foundations that weigh equivalent to ten Boeing 747s.

On March 25, one of the most gigantic and multipurpose cranes named as Asian Hercules III 25,000 tonnes that hold the lifting capacity of 5,000 tonnes was installed and lifted the structure of 1,800 tonnes for the first time.

Senior Vice President of Business Area Wind of Vattenfall’s, Gunnar Groebler said, “The European Offshore Wind Deployment Centre is the foundation stone of the company and drives the cost reduction based on innovation factor in the offshore wind. For Vattenfall, it is crucial to be free from the fossil in a generation of climate-smart offshore wind program with the acceptance of technology and science. We are eager to see the new approach to basics through all its other innovations and introducing it to the rest of the sectors.”

“This first installation of this project is a key achievement for the overall team of EOWDC project, the offshore wind industry, and contractors. The installation of suction bucket jacket foundations can be integrated with sole offshore lift, in minimum hours, and that too with low noise, which turns out to be a significant advantage for the environment. The mechanism is lowered in the position where inverted buckets are swiftly entrenched into the seabed to develop a protected and reliable foundation to install world’s most dominant wind turbine,” said EOWDC project director for Vattenfall, Adam Ezzamel.

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