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China Mobile Choose Nokia To Develop Cloud Service Infrastructure Using Nuage Networks

With the help of Nuage Networks VSP and cloud service infrastructure, China Mobile Software Technical Company preferred Nokia for the development of China Mobile’s private and public enterprise cloud services. The overall platform is operated on the basis of Nuage Networks VSP and comprises Kubernetes (K8S) containers, cloud executions on virtual machines, and ironic bare metal servers.

China Mobile Communications Company (CMCC) is aggressively heading forward to expand its software-defined networking (SDN) for the development of private and public cloud services. And this move is attributed to the growing demand for cloud services from its existing enterprise customers.

So far around 10 data centers and 1000 servers were deployed with private and public cloud services of China Mobile with the help of the Nuage Networks VSP solution by Nokia’s joint venture, Nokia Shanghai Bell based in China in last two years. This empowered the Nokia Shanghai Bell’s position as a dominating SDN vendor fueling current cloud services of CMCC.

The new service enables the CMCC to broaden its offering in private, hybrid, and public cloud services such as introducing workloads either on bare metal servers or Kubernetes (K8S) containers.

One of the crucial characteristics of the Nuage Networks VSP is the inbuilt platform flexibility. The platform also backs various workload types, hypervisor, and cloud management systems. The overall process of the runs as follows, an SDN controller and centralized policy manager automate the optimization of virtual networks and configuration, management, this comprises security services that offer access control and tenant isolation for individual workloads and applications.

The Nuage Networks VSP merges high performance and large scale, and policy-based automation along with multi-tenancy, inclusive uninterrupted security, and resiliency.

Some attractive, dynamic, and high-performing cloud services are offered to customers by CMCC with the support of Nuage Networks solution.

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