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New Cryptocurrency That Aspires To Shore Up Renewable Energy And Sustainable Projects

A new exclusive cryptocurrency is all prepared to begin a historic episode in the space of digital currency. For the foremost time, it would not simply be about savings—instead, it is an “investment for a reason.” “CRED,” as it is named with CX as the ticker, the modern cryptocurrency is on a revolutionary undertaking to hold up GREEN energy and offers app-based mobile extracting.

The introduction of CRED steers in a new-fangled period in the cryptocurrency domain by allowing the shareholders not only to add to their financial collection but also to actively donate toward a greater good. The most recent cryptocurrency is devoted to pressing forward eco-friendly, sustainable projects such as wind and solar farms in addition to agricultural endeavors.

At present, CRED is in its pre-ICO phase. The Pre-ICO cost is 200 CRED—equivalent to $0.005 (1 USD). The cost during the ICO will boost to $0.01. The Credits Cryptocurrency and application will offer the users the chance to use mobile mining technology so as to extract CRED. Moreover, the users are capable of selecting their mining power, such as “Low,” “High,” or “Medium.”

The Credits application brags a perceptive interface to make CRED’s buying, receiving, and sending rapid and easy. The usage and purchase of CRED will back the sustainable and renewable energy assignments that will aid encourage a “greener” planet. A decentralized blockchain is used by CRED that allows the members to keep eyes on their CRED deals without the stress of centralized supervising.

Furthermore, for added user security, they use the advanced CryptoNight algorithm that is unidentified beyond the platform for optimal safety. The team of new cryptocurrency has already designed the application for Android users, whereas the Apple app is in process. Mac and Windows wallets are also being designed. Interested investors can buy CRED with Ethereum, PayPal, or Bitcoin.

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