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Ubank Rolls Blockchain-Supported Portal To Allow Mass User Investment In Crypto Currency

Ubank rolls a Token Sale for Ubcoin Market. Now, Ubcoin Market is a connected bionetwork. This move will permit its consumers to turn out to be crypto investors just by receiving crypto currency in exchange of trading real goods.

The team behind Ubank, the mobile payments app, branches out its business and rolls out Ubcoin Market, a blockchain bionetwork. Its members will be allowed to simply buy and sell real products in exchange for crypto currency. The Token Sale is favorably reviewed and listed on,, and other rating portals.

Ubcoin Market covers the gap among real worlds and crypto. On one end, those who are not well-known with blockchain will be capable of becoming investors of crypto currency in a safe and easy way, and, on the other end, knowledgeable members of the decentralized world will be authorized to invest their crypto currency without changing it to real world currencies.

Ubcoin Market provides a solution for 2 objective and clear-cut opportunities. The first chances comes from up to 2 Billion digital users, many of which are eagerly concerned in crypto currency but have their way to investment in crypto hampered by legal and technological barriers. This is because changing real money to crypto currencies is a burdensome procedure and mining is costly.

The second problem is the one encountered by over 23 Million owners of crypto currency who are not capable of easily spending their crypto investments owing to limitations imposed by financial and governmental organizations.

“If users require to trade their products, they know where to go such as Taobao, eBay, and Etsy (where 60% of all Internet consumers buy and sell products on similar connected portals, as per Internet Retailer 2017),” claimed CEO of Ubank, Felix Khachatryan, to the media in an interview this week at an event.

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