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A New Avatar System Showcased By Facebook But Is Limited To VR

The social media giant is constantly coming up with new development and upgrades for the multiple applications integrated with its platform. This time it has brought in virtual reality-based avatar system for its rarely used Spaces app, through which the users can explore 360 content and enable chat for other users in VR.

Facebook has introduced a new avatar system in Spaces that alters the visual style. The newly developed avatar system is way ahead advanced than three-dimensional faces with 2D features constructed on them.

The advancement isn’t that essentially biased to realism as much as it focuses on emotion that can be brought in a more cartoony way.

At present Facebook doesn’t have a large number of users for Spaces, so it might be interesting to see how the company tunes the things at this level. Spaces feature isn’t seen much, as it appears only in a pop-up in the feeds.

With the whole scenario, the only query arises that would Facebook direct its development in terms of an avatar system with an exclusion to VR. The social media giant said that they are constantly making modifications that are well-suited for machine learning-supported avatar creation tool. The tool captures the latest photos of the user and directs to the precise avatars.

The new system developed by Facebook offer more feasibility in customization so that users can sync their visuals to make the output more similar to how they look in real life. In terms of hairstyles and face shape, there has been a considerable advancement in this system. The new avatar system also enables the user to change body size for the first time instead of keeping it thin.

According to the company, the new avatar system will be available on Facebook Spaces by next week. So stay tuned for the latest development from technology world as the scope of advanced has no boundaries.

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