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An Isolated Blue Star Gazed By NASA’s Hubble Telescope

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope freshly revealed a giant blue start in far away galaxy. Stargazers and Astronomer around the globe are mesmerized to study of the recent announcement. With the help of phenomenon termed as gravitational lensing, this was discovered.

The discovered star was nicknamed as Icarus and is located on the halfway of the universe. Astronomers claimed that this start is most distant that was observed in the spiral galaxy. In the overall star discovery so far, this star was extremely far, almost 100x than another star.

NASA reported that the Icarus is so far that its light took a huge span of 9 Billion years to reach Earth. The star appears as it used to when the universe was around 30% of the present age. It is also claimed that in terms of luminosity, it is more radiant than the Sun.

The name Icarus for the star is derived from a mythological character from Greek. The star is huge and blue being more bright than the Sun.

The study leader and former postdoc, University of California at Berkeley, Dr. Patrick Kelly said, “We have seen an individual magnified star for the first time.”

“Number of galaxies can be seen out there, but this one star is almost 100x farther than the subsequent individual star we can research on, excluding the supernova explosions,” he added.

This discovery is believed to be an appreciable achievement for the study of start, with a wide range of such things yet to come ahead. Scientists will now look for a broader range of stars that are never witnessed in the history of Universe.

“I am eager to see how this discovery matters in the future; if we manage to find more of such stars, we can even start with the comparison of these stars to massive stars based in the Milky Way,” said Dr. Louise Howes, a researcher at Lund University in Sweden.

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