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Rat Study Suggests That Diet Soda Might Still Be The Reason Behind Diabetes

Ever since the artificial sweeteners have been present, people have been alerted about their possible health dangers such as multiple sclerosis and cancer. But while these statements are regularly considered as nothing but junk science, a number of studies are starting to show that sweeteners can in fact add up to health risks such as type 2 diabetes. These studies include a new research presented at the yearly Experimental Biology conference this week.

Scientists at the Marquette University and Medical College of Wisconsin employed rats for their experiments that are susceptible to developing diabetes. For almost a month, various groups were supplied high doses of glucose, 2 sugars, and fructose, and acesulfame potassium and aspartame (the 2 common artificial sweeteners). They then examined the blood of the rats employing a huge-scale method that observes small metabolic modifications, dubbed as metabolomics.

“Only after 3 Weeks of providing these sugars and sweeteners to our diabetes-vulnerable rats, we witnessed biochemical modifications in the blood that can possibly result in modifications in energy and fat metabolism,” claimed a biomedical engineer at both organizations and senior author of the study, Brian Hoffman, to the media in an interview.

Diabetes is what occurs when our bodies happen to be unsuccessful to maintain appropriate levels of glucose in the body. This is a process that is basically synchronized by insulin. This breakdown causes individuals to either stop producing insulin altogether or to stop reacting to insulin as simply as they once did. Too much sugar in our food is considered to assist cause diabetes by overtaxing the insulin-producing mechanism of the body, since it is employed to convey high levels of glucose in the blood back to normal.

On a similar note, Marquette University this week claimed that that alumni Kelly and Jim McShane have donated a sum of $2 Million to support research related to mental health neuroscience.

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