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Spotify Launches All-New Modernized App Offering Free On-Demand Playlists

Spotify, on an occasion in the New York City, has recently announced all-new modernized app for its enormous free customers. This is the first ever major change since 2014 for Spotify’s free users.

The app opens doors to about 15 selected playlists as per the user demand. These lists are fully controlled by Spotify. However, they are structured considering the user’s listening habits and are updated almost every single day accordingly. They include about 750 songs which comprise of Discover Weekly, Release Radar, and Daily Mix playlists.

Gustav Söderström, Spotify’s chief R&D officer, initiated the event by eulogizing the three tent poles of Spotify’s success: namely, omnipresence, that is, their availability across popular devices; personalization, like Discover Weekly; and freemium which offers free access to music. Further, he asserted that Spotify works as a radio station as well as a record store where the user can recollect their favorite music. While talking about the gigantic free users, about 60% of the total users, Söderström added that their objective is to keep their free users satisfied without allowing them to feel like second-priority customers of the company.

Spotify has asserted that over 2 Billion playlists have been created by their users till now. The app assists their users by offering the song suggestions as per the user’s music interests and song-listening history. It allows them to create their personalized list which permits user to choose from mammoth records of song suggestions and tune in to their favorite artist’s music. It suggests the similar sounding songs in the search making the play-listing easier. The latest Spotify app also provides data saver mode making it possible for their users to consume minimum data.

Recently, Spotify has also broadcasted a series of improvements to its free tier on Tuesday to help increase the number of users on its paid premium service.

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