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Music Triggers Brain Regions Spared By Alzheimer’s Disease

Ever get chills hearing to a specific moving part of music? One can be grateful to the brain’s salience network for that emotional joint. Startlingly, this area also remains an isle of memory that is secured from the damage of Alzheimer’s disease. The scientists from the University of Utah Health are probing into this brain area to develop music-based therapies to assist in reducing anxiety in dementia patients.


The earlier effort showed the consequence of a personalized music course on the mood for patients with dementia. This research specifies to look at a mechanism that stimulates the attentional network in the brain’s salience region. The outcomes provide a new means to approach depression, agitation, and anxiety in dementia patients. Stimulation of adjacent areas of the brain might also provide avenues to defer the constant decline resulting from the disease.

For 3 Weeks, the team assisted the study participants to choose meaningful songs and coached the caregiver and patient on how to make use of a transportable media player enclosing the self-selected music compilation. The team, using a functional MRI, scanned the participants to picture the brain regions that light up when they listen to 20-second music clips vs. silence.

The team played 8 music clips from the music collection of the patient, 8 clips of the identical music played backward, and 8 silence blocks. The images were compared by the researchers from every scan.

The team discovered that music triggers the brain, resulting in the entire area to correspond. By listening to the individual soundtrack, the salience network, the executive network, the visual network, the corticocerebellar & cerebellar network pairs all displayed considerably elevated functional connectivity.

In another study conducted by the researchers from the University of Texas discovered that individuals who have a history of TBI (traumatic brain injury) might be at threat for developing Alzheimer’s disease or dementia earlier than those who did not have a TBI.

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