Amazon And Netflix Battling Against Kodi Pirates

The company, Set TV, that provides content service of 500 channels for only $20 per month, seeing no other option of revenue, started showing content that is unauthorized and sourced from some big broadcaster such as NBC, Disney, and others, as per the lawsuit filed in California.

It also has an app that syncs with devices such as Nvidia’s shield, FireTV of Amazon and any other Android devices. The open source video streaming app, Kodi, is also another way to watch the unauthorized streams of Set TV. On the other hand, Kodi being a legal service provider suffers a lot owing to plugins which aren’t legal.

Two majors, Netflix and Amazon, are jointly into the actions along with Paramount and Netflix against the companies that violate the copyrights in this manner. The lawsuit filed on this week charges $150,000 for every project, which in total goes around hundreds of million dollars if the infringement is suspected.

However, it isn’t clear whether Netflix and Amazon are also offered by the Set TV but other channels are mentioned. Though, presently it is more inclined towards Netflix and Amazon to operate with legal right holders to kick out the issues of infringement. Exclusive shows such as The Grand Tour and Stranger Things are easily accessible on the download sites.

The goal of the opposition will be to shut service and raise a warning alarm to all of those who intend to set up one of these services. There is almost no way for anyone to get access to broad range of service under one roof, with customers getting inclined towards simplicity in the viewing options.

The TV shows and other content accessible on the internet has been a concern for Hollywood for a long time now. The development is slow and every site similar to Set TV gets pulled in through the court and a hundred of them remain unpunished.

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