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Google Revamps Google Maps For A Seamless, Simplified User Experience

It was declared by Google on Wednesday that the Google Maps business will be getting some major changes. The new platform will include an uncomplicated user experience, efficient and sleek API products, pay-as-you-go billing and multiple industry solutions. This comes at a cost that the users will require an active API key and a billing account over Google Cloud platform.

It is important to note that since June 2005, when Google Maps was made open to developers for the first time, the Maps API has remained same to a great extent even though the map related issues resolved using Maps API have gone up in their complexity. This problem will be resolved by continuing to move up the resources provided as the customer business expands.

Google Maps APIs have supported developers in developing apps making use of locations. The new update will simplify the Maps APIs, make them user-friendly and will provide more resources as the project evolves. Also, the new changes will be compatible with the original code of developers and no modifications will have to be done by the programmers.

The 18 separate Google Maps APIs have been brought together in three products namely Maps, Routes and Places. It is being anticipated by Google that this bringing together of APIs will simplify searching, exploration and addition of new features to apps and web applications.

The original standard and premium billing plans have been brought together in what is a pay-as-you-go plan. There will be no yearly payments, usage caps, termination fees or any other charges. A monthly credit of $200 will be provided to the developers that is being termed as a free tier and covers majority of the user base.

It has been highlighted by Google that the programs intended to assist non-profit organizations, start-ups etc will remain unchanged.

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