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Facebook’s Data Privacy Not Yet Foolproof, Says German Lawmaker

As per the Justice Minister of Germany, Katarina Barley, the concerns regarding the data privacy with the biggest social media platform is not over yet. Due to the prevailing scenario, she wrote an open letter to Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Facebook, expressing her concern and suggested the platform to opt for an internal mechanism of control and sanction. This will not allow the third-party intruders and other rule violators to misuse the sensitive information from Facebook. Rather she asked to demand acute penalties in case of rule violation and data sabotage.

Barley even appreciated the latest changes of security settings implemented by Facebook. She expects that the step to limit the association with data dealers is a good initiation to safeguard the user information.

On the other hand, she believes that Facebook needs to cultivate the core requirements in the genre of consumer and data protection.

She even mentioned the latest scandal regarding the Cambridge Analytica as a concrete proof of the doubts, previously expressed by the consumer and data advocates from Europe and Germany. In spite of the numerous raised eyebrows and concerns, Facebook never took a firm stand against the allegations. Rather, it continued accumulating data and used it in a carefree manner.

She suggested Facebook abide by the corporate responsibilities and the latest regulations of EU data protection, which is circulated worldwide for the social networks.

On the other hand, Facebook has also revealed about the various changes which have already been implemented on the platform to strengthen the security system. In fact, it has been working on the said concern for a long time and has updated the security measures on an urgent basis.

Facebook has expanded its arena in the offsite tracking infrastructure and social media sites, which also include popular podiums like Instagram and WhatsApp. Therefore, she suggested implementing the best possible measures to curb the concerns for the people to enjoy the platform to the fullest

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