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Port Trevorton And Williamsport Are Under Warning Of Measles Exposures

Pennsylvania officials have raised a warning for people of Port Trevorton and Williamsport of Snyder County and Lycoming County, respectively, that a person diagnosed with measles visited the local stores in the regions and might have exposed the infections to the others.

The person diagnosed with measles was traveling to Washing D.C. from Niagara Falls, NY, on May 2 and expected to spread the infection in the said regions. Dr. Levine, Sec. of Health said, “The person traveling in the said regions is a confirmed case of highly contagious Measles.”

He further added, “If an individual had a vaccine against Measles, he had a less chance of getting infected.” The officials are requesting people to have the vaccine, if in case they are not sure about their vaccination or if they are facing some symptoms to immediately get in touch with their healthcare provider or take benefit of toll-free healthcare hotline service at 1-877-724-3258.

People who are traveling or staying in the room as the traveler (Measles patient) are at high risk of getting the infection, even after the traveler left the room. The people, who are not immunized of Measles, can visit their medical provider to get their vaccination or treatment (temporary protection).

As per CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), infants who are too young to receive the vaccine, people who denied to take the vaccination, people from part of the world with low coverage of measles vaccine are highly vulnerable to this infection.

In addition to this, people who have received their vaccination during 1963 to 1967 and people who only received one dose of vaccine can also get the infection.

Measles is a heavily contagious disease but it can be prevented with proper vaccination. This infection is spread via sneezing, coughing or by getting in contact with the saliva and mucus of a person diagnosed with it. It takes 1–3 weeks of time to experience the symptoms of the infection such as high fever, rashes, red eyes, cough and watery eyes.

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