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Research Warns that Simulated Moon Dust May Take Astronauts’ Health at Risk

A recent study has confirmed that moon dust can be harmful to Astronaut’s health if inhaled. The new study grabs attention as it gives another strong reason to worry for the astronauts planning to live on the moon for a long-term mission.

It is a well-known fact that moon dust may cause trouble. Astronauts during their Apollo missions had complained about the sneezing and watery eyes after the entrance of dust through their spacesuits when they came back in the spaceships. While designing the lunar-landing equipment, the scientists will have to take into account moon dust particles and rocks as they can stick to everything and enter in the spaceship.

This research was conducted in the laboratory and no human or mice had gone to the moon to carry out this study. The mice cells and human cells were cultivated in the laboratory and exposed to simulated lunar dust. The experiment showed results that both mice cells and human cells were either killed by moon dust or the structure of the cell’s DNA was damaged in both the cases.

Bruce Demple, study author and a professor at the Stony Brook University School of Medicine, explained that very small particles in the breathable range or even smaller can interact directly with cells.

The paper published in last month in the journal geoHealth has said that moon dust is not like the earth dust. The soil on the moon is dry as compared to the earth’s soil, and is potentially charged as there is the absence of weather or an atmosphere on the moon.

The research has limits as the experiment carried out has used artificial moon dust and the cells used in the experiment were grown in a culture. Still, the experiment has its own importance as it confirms the older research, which states that moon dust can be harmful to health.

Recently Robert Kurson, a Chicago-based writer has launched his book named Rocket men. At this event, all the Apollo 8 astronauts had gathered and recounted the “Historic Mission.” The event was organized in the Museum of Science and History, which is said to be the largest science center in the western hemisphere.

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