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Astronomers Stumble: Is It A Brown Dwarf Star Or A “Toddler” Exoplanet

An international team of Astronomers, headed by Leiden University, founded an exoplanet which may be an “infant”. The exoplanet is supposed to be around two million years of age and the credit goes to dust circle which it occupies. It revolves around CS Cha, a young binary star system, positioned at 538 light years far from Earth in Chameleon Constellation.

The astronomical inventions are not surprised elements. Because, the telescopes are huge and equipped with advanced cameras and invest their life to click images of space. There is a gigantic library of the pictures to be analyzed over years and even decades after they were captured.

Similar to this, the Astronomer’s team from Leiden was researching on CS Cha as well as its dust Disc with the help of SPHERE (Spectro-Polarimetric High-contrast Exoplanet Research Equipment) on Very Large Telescope placed in Chile, Europe.

The T Tauri sort binary star is relatively young with the age of 2–3 million and incorporates 2 very small stars with as fewer as 30.6 AU (2.8 billion miles or 4.6 billion Kms). These toddlers revolve around CS Cha and have a Dust Disc of 55 AU in their surroundings.

During their search, seeing a faded object was unexpected to revolve around the stars as far as 210 AU. To get ensured about its presence, the astronomers gathered the images of the Very large telescope which was captured 11 years ago, and they also achieved the pictures taken by Hubble Space telescope 19 years ago.

Leiden Observatory, Christian Ginski, team leader, said, “The light of the found object is greatly polarized”. We suppose that the object has its own dust disc in its surrounding. The disc of dust covers a great portion of light which makes it difficult to identify the object’s mass.

Scientists are yet to be certain about the identification of the companion, but the team believes, it is a small brown dwarf star or an exoplanet “super-Jupiter” in its early development stages.

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