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David Goodall says He Has “No Hesitations Whatsoever” In His Final Hours

David Goodall, the 104-year-old academic in Switzerland, prepares to conclude his life with volunteer euthanasia in a press conference. He also states that his decision will inspire Australians to support abetted dying with a liberal view.

The application of ending one’s own life (Swiss Option) was approved and supported by a clinic in Switzerland for which Dr. David had to fly in the current week. Interacting in the press conference which was invited at Basel the city in Swiss, Dr. David was amazed to such international response and people present at the venue. He further stated that he was studded to witness such huge interest in his case while appreciated Swiss Federation’s hospitality and the ability to make it successful. He further mentioned his disappointment by saying if he could have the same chance and response back in Australia. Dr. David further mentions that the time for his death is of no interest to him and that Thursday is the day scheduled for his death.

Commenting on the question of hesitation on ending his life, Dr. David says there are none and that he appreciates the medical professionals who are helping him end his life in Swiss. He further states that less than his age or of his age, an individual should be free for choosing whenever it’s an appropriate time for their death.

Dr. David states that there is no specific song but if he had to pick one then it will be the 9th Symphony of Beethoven. Later, he sang the song which was widely appreciated by the crowd present at the venue. On asking what the one thing that he would miss, Dr. David mentioned his journey in the countryside of Australia. He further stated that Kimberley was his favorite are and would like to go back there.

Dr. David’s physical stability stated getting worst in the recent years which continued along with the quality of his life. In past 12 months, there were several attempts by Dr. David to end his life after which he decided to fly to Switzerland as assisted dying was legal there. He further stated that his eye-sight is not functioning over the past 6 years while his other abilities are declining from last 1 or 2 years for which he doesn’t want to continue living his life.

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