Trump’s Nominee For CIA Director Tells Senators That Torture Doesn’t Work

Gina Haspel, the nominee to be CIA director by Mr. Donald Trump, the 45th President of United States stated on Wednesday that she does not believe in any work that leads to torture while denying any presidential order that she thinks will not be accurate as per her principals. The members of Senate intelligence committee passed tough questions to Gina during the hearing of confirmation to which she replied that her she is very firm on her moral compass. She further mentioned that she won’t allow any activity under CIA that seems immoral to her, even if it is legal with a technical aspect.

The 33-year-old veteran of the agency, Gina also stated that she will not permit it, no matter what, this was her response to the question by the committee that if she received the directive from the president she is found to be objectionable in a moral sense. Gina further stated that she doesn’t believe the president would ever ask her that CIA must undertake activities consistent with the values of America and restart waterboarding. Haspel was a chief of the base at Thailand at a covert detention site where terror suspects were waterboarded due to which she knew what it was like to be a close confirmation vote in the full Senate. She was stone-faced throughout the hearing as the protesters shouted and disrupted due to which the police had to escort them out of the room.

She further stated that she agreed that during the debriefing of al-Qaeda detainees the valuable information was obtained as subjected by the other members at CIA. She further adds saying that it’s still unknown whether the torturing interrogation has been the major reason behind it. Gina further mentions that after September 11 the spy agency had learned the use of harsh interrogation and detention tactics. She also stated that it is of prime importance to recall the tough times that followed during the 9/11. Having served in those times, she gives her personal commitment without any reservation that there will be no such detention program under CIA.

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