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Microsoft Allegedly Operating On Self-Developed Smart Speaker

All the tech giants worldwide have already put their hands on the machine learning and artificial assistant sector. In past few years, some of them conveyed the AI capability to the speakers. While Apple introduced its Siri in HomePod, Google conveyed its Assistant in Home. Even Amazon rolled out its Alexa-supported Echo devices. But Microsoft took help of a 3rd-party audio firm dubbed as Harman to roll out its Cortana-supported Invoke speaker. Now, as per some new papers, the firm is operating on a self-developed smart device.

As cited by, the upcoming smart speaker by Microsoft is claimed to be produced by a Taiwanese company, Quanta Computer. The speaker can be fueled by Snapdragon 212 quad-core chip by Qualcomm. Currently, the hardware is in early phases. Also cited is that the design does not essentially mean it is a personal speaker by Microsoft. It can also be a suggestion design for 3rd-party producer.

For those who are not aware, last year Microsoft rolled out the Invoke speaker fueled by Cortana. But not so much was headlined about it afterwards. The smart device is focused to take on the rivals such as Amazon Echo, which is fueled by Alexa, and Google Assistant-powered Google Home. It offers alerts to consumers about their other plans including their next meetings. They can also receive or make normal Skype calls or voice calls as well as get solutions to general questions. It is composed of metal and features an Amazon Echo-akin cylindrical shape.

Apple and Microsoft are probably the companies that do not have any smart device in India. Currently, Amazon and Google are sharing the smart speaker sector in the nation. Google has lately rolled out its Home Mini and Home, while Amazon lately rolled out its Echo Spot. Amazon already had 3 devices in the country such as the Echo Plus, Echo, and Echo Dot, which were rolled out last year in India.

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