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Guilani Backtracks…Adds More Fuel To The Fire In AT&T, Time Warner Deal

The Justice Department and the White House have been giving a statement for months, which was contradicted by the new lawyer of the president Trump, Rudy Giuliani. He simply stated that the President had declined the merger regarding the $85 billion bid of AT&T for Time Warner, which is also the principal company of CNN.

However, the decision has triggered the calming controversy regarding the probable political interference. People are also expressing their speculations surrounding the habit of Giuliani to make the simple thing more complicated.

The press secretary Sarah Sanders has revealed to CNN that the deal has been denied by the Department of Justice that echoed the past position of the administration. During the last fall, when the government decided to block the deal of AT&T, the officials concluded that the decision was not administered by Trump. The same incident was repeated when Giuliani said in the HuffPost interview that the President had denied the pact.

He also cleared that the strategy to create a lobby against the president didn’t reach him and the denial of the merger has tampered the result desired by the others.

Giuliani also said that the president was consistent about his disapproval to the AT&T deal and he didn’t participate in any of the decision-making processes with the Justice Department.

He also believes that if AT&T had paid a whopping sum of $600,000 to hire Cohen in order to get support from the government, then the firm has wasted that money.

Giuliani has started representing Trump since the past month and has been making headlines since then due to his goof-ups. It also includes the revision of the public comment regarding Stormy Daniels, the payment, and the knowledge Trump had about the same.

Since the multiple political decisions were hanging over the pact for a long period of time, the statement released by the newly instated lawyer of the president has been taken into account.

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