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Google Has Treasure Trove Of Personal Data

At the Google I/O 2018, the annual developer conference of Google, Sundar Pichai, the Chief Executive Officer of Google, introduced the latest technology research being done at Google. The technologies introduced at the conference included personalized recommendations on Google Maps, advanced Google Assistant that is capable of arranging engagement over a call and auto-completion features for Gmail.

All of these developments are supported by the huge amount of data gathered by Google by the myriad number of users, using Google applications on a daily basis. It is known that out of all the Google applications, seven applications have 1 billion or more proactive users on a monthly basis and none of these apps would be able to function in as good a manner without making use of the data of users. As evident from votes received by Morning Consult, this fact has contributed in leading Google to earn a position on the list of most well-respected companies in the world.

This situation, however, has seen some changes after the Cambridge Analytica controversy came to light the users are becoming more and more cautious about the way the tech-giants carry out tracking of their users. As a part of this, the approach by Google, which is also one of the most prominent digital advertisements providers towards gathering of data, has been subject to new examination.

David Yoffie, Harvard Business School Professor, stated that Google is treading a minutely precise line. He highlighted that technologies like Android and Google Search provide Google with extraordinary information about preferences and interests of users. He also mentioned that although the privacy policies put forth by Google appear to be sufficient, the question that remains unanswered is if Google is following the same policy that has been put forth by them, and if there is any problem as found in case of Facebook.

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