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Multiverse’s Dark Energy Doesn’t Have A Bad Impact On Existence Of Life

Multiverse is a concept according to which we are in one of the several universes, in which the dark energy composition is low. The less amount of dark energy is a component due to which life exists in our universe and not in many multiverses.

Our universe is among the few fortunate ones because more dark energy leads to faster expansion of the planets, and the elements would have been lesser concentrated to stay connected and create planets and stars. In the mentioned case, the life would not have been formed and survived, and the universe would have been dead like many other multiverses.

But as per the study, a new replicated simulation of the cosmic elements demonstrates that even in the multiverse, which has dark energy even hundreds times more than we observed in our universe, life can form.

Postgraduate student of Computational Cosmology, Jaime Salcido, Durham University, the United Kingdom, said, “For numerous researchers, the undefined but a huge amount of dark energy in the universe is a puzzle. The new simulation demonstrates, even in case there is a huge amount of dark energy or very little presence of dark energy, it has a very less impact on the formation of planet and stars, which rise the hope of existence of life in other multiverses as well.”

Scientist like Stephen Hawking does subscribe to the new simulated theory of Dark Energy and existence of life in the multiverse. A research fellow, Luke Barnes, Western Sydney University, said, “Earlier, the theory of multiverse is to explain with the amount of observed dark energy, and we consider ourselves lucky one to be in the universe which supports the formation of life. We are actually a little too lucky that our planet is luckier than the one to have life and this is the issue with the multiverse, which continues the puzzle.”

The study of simulated theory cannot completely challenge the multiverse theory, but it definitely provides a new way to study the amount of observed dark energy in the universe.

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