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An Asteroid 2010 WC9 With A Size Of Football Ground Will Fly By Earth

“An asteroid of the size of a football ground will hum closely in the ears of the Earth on Tuesday.”

The asteroid, referred as 2010 WC9, was first marked in November 2010 and was screened until the December of 2010, before it starts to faint to see. Last Tuesday on May 8, 2018, astronomers marked the asteroid and provided it with a new name without even realizing that it was 2010 WC9.

The size of the asteroid is between 197 to 427 feet in diameter which is bigger than a football ground and as per EarthSky, it is traveling at a speed of 28,655 mph.

As per EarthSky, the flyby is anticipated to happen at 3:05 P.M. (Pacific Time), and is recorded as the nearest approach of this specific asteroid in nearly 30 decades. The spotted asteroid is predicted to get as near as 126,419 miles from Earth, or approximately half the distance of the Moon, as per the data provided by Great Lakes Ledger.

Last month on April 15, an asteroid named 2018 GE3 flew by around 119,500 miles far from the Earth. And this will be the 2nd time in a month’s duration that an asteroid has flown this close to the Earth.

The 2010 WC9 asteroid is possibly huge than the Chelyabinsk meteor, which has injured thousands of people and crushed glass as it broke up over the Chelyabinsk city in Russia in 2013. As per the Tech times, astronomers are certain of the fact that 2010 WC9 will safely pass by the Earth and will not cause any damage.

Unfortunately, for all the astronomers and aspirant astronomers, the asteroid will not be visible to naked human eyes as it passes past Earth. However, on Facebook a non-profit organization, Northolt Branch Observatories, announced England will do a live broadcast from their telescope.

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