Theresa May Comes Under Pressure With The Brexit Deal

The UK PM Theresa May is under pressure as the EU gave a time warning to complete the Brexit deal by this October.

The diplomats involved are in doubt if the bloc and Britain would be capable to reach a settlement in the stipulated time.

They also opinioned that for things to settle in properly the pending issues like the quandary at the Irish border have to be cleared on an urgent basis.

The key factors like administration control and other estrangement talks regarding Ireland needs to be addressed first in the summit in June as informed by the deputy PM of Bulgaria currently the EU president.

The ministers from Netherlands, Germany and Austria also voiced the same anxiety about London not giving a clear picture of the Brexit negotiations.

 May is facing heat at the home front too. There are some major problems to be solved regarding the post Brexit trading operations. At the initial stage, which was seen as an easy piece of the deal but with two sides advocating their own opinions, this is growing up to be to be a major hold-up for May.

Also there has been some serious allegations regarding the Galileo program and the bloc has accused Britain for misuse of some prime data information.

 The main topic for concern according to EU is to come up with a resolution at the Ireland border about management of custom operations ignoring which can also lead to unrest at the borders.

The stress has been building prior to the summit in June mainly because of absence of a significant advance in the communication by London.

As rightly put by the Netherlands Foreign Affairs minister that the main goal is to complete the deal within the scheduled time and they all are expecting for the best but sadly there can be no assurance of doing the same.

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