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Discovery of Mysterious Force Claims Existence of Life in Multiverses

As per a group of scientist research about a mysterious force referred as “Dark Energy”, there is a possibility of Alien Life in other universes. Earlier theories shared that our universe consists of a perfect amount of mysterious (dark) energy, which acts in opposite way to that of the gravity and is making the planet expand at a growing rate.

It was also reported that any more dark energy than this would increase the rate of expansion and make it difficult for the planet. The theory of multiverse was first introduced in the 80s.

But a recent research by the team of Durham University challenged this theory and stated that the amount of dark energy does not hinder the formation of planets and stars in multiverses.

Prof. of Computational Cosmology, Richard Bower, Durham University Institute, explained, “The formation of a celestial body in the universe is a fight in between the attraction of gravity and the repulsion force of the mysterious energy.

He said, “We have found in our study using computer simulations that the multiverse with a higher amount of dark energy than ours can also form starts and other celestial bodies.” “I think that we should look for a new theory to explain the law of physics to explain the weird property of our universe,” he added.

Jaime Salcido, Durham University, said, “The puzzle of dark energy and its existence has overwhelmed the researchers since years.” “The simulated study shows that even if there is more dark energy or little mysterious energy, it would have a very little impact in the formation of planets and stars,” he added.

The widely appreciated theory of eternal inflation claims that the existence of our universe is due to a small burst which is causing the expansion of planet at a fast pace. Some said this means the universe is still growing in some regions and will continuously grow.

“This creates multiverses, will an endless supply like our own, consisting of Earthlike planets and even the individuals like us.”

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