Increase InCFC-11 Pointing Towards The Breach Of Montreal Protocol

A 1987 international treaty referred as “The Montreal Protocol” to stop manufacturing the chemicals like Freon, which is the lead cause of the destruction of the Ozone layer, seems to accomplish the goal in reducing the damage which caused a drastic change in climate.

The agreement proved to be functional to a huge extent and with years of effort, the chemicals have been flushed out of the environment. Though, as per the new study, there is someone who has been breaching the treat in the last several years.

Stephen Montzka, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, US, led a group of investigators, monitored the CFCs progress, and observed the use of CFC-11. The chemical used in the refrigerator, as a solvent, in Styrofoam production, and in aerosol spray cans. In the treaty, all the nations agreed to completely stop the production of CFC-11 as well.

During 2002 to 2012, the CFC-11 recorded a steady decline of 2.1 parts/trillion every year. After 2012, the rate of decline of CFC-11 release started slowing down, and during 2015 to 2017, it was recorded to drop at 1.0 part/trillion every year.

Researchers have utilized few models to monitor what kind of release would match with the measurement in all around the world. Modeling the pattern of change in weather since 200 demonstrations that variability in atmospheric condition can be a reason behind this change, but it can have an impact equal to less than half to which is recorded. The difference in measurement can only be justified with a rise of CFC-11 release from Eastern Asia.

In the 1980s, the highest value of releasing CFC-11 has been recorded as 350,000 tons every year, which dropped to the value of 54,000 tons every year in the 2000s. An extra release of CFC-11 of 6,500 to 13,000 is enough to change the rate of decline in a way it is recently observed. A recorded increase in CFC-11 can only happen with a renewed production of the chemical, which is a breach of Montreal Protocol.

Seeing this, all the nations are needed to monitor the production of CFC and report accurate figures to the UN group which oversees the Montreal Protocol.

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