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It’s More Racism Than Meets The Eye At Starbucks

Starbucks is making headlines for the last few weeks due to the wrong reasons. The last news was about the refusal to accept the black people into the bathrooms of the outlets. Now, it is about a racial slur written on the mug of a Latino man.

As per the customer, he received a slur written cup when he received the order at an outlet of Starbucks located in the suburbs of Los Angeles.

To be precise, the word beaner was printed on the label.

Management of Starbucks had decided to arrange a meeting with the staffs at the stores located in the USA. The meeting with the 8,000 stores is due in two weeks time, which will be regarding the diversified issues, which also include racial profiling.

The customer, Pedro stated that he was bought two drinks at the La Canada Flintridge, Los Angeles outlet. However, when he received the order, the aforementioned term was written, which was clearly meant to degrade the Latino.

According to him, the incident was not a mistake but a deliberate one. He concluded this because, in the past, the staffs of Barista had also called him by this term in order to deliver the food item. He was offered a gift card worth $50, which he declined as he considered that gesture as another insult. However, he had agreed to meet with the officials of the coffee giant.

After the incident, the officials of the company had sent a mail regarding the meeting with Pedro and also his acceptance to the apology. However, Starbucks also confirmed that the incident was unacceptable and proper steps will be taken to get a firmer control over the racial concerns.

The company has also decided to train the employees regarding the racial education, in order to give the customers a hassle-free service.

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