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Aimovig, A Boon For Individuals Suffering From A Migraine

Aimovig, a drug approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA), which will be accessible before June.

1 in every 7 American experience migraine headaches with common symptoms ranging from issues including vision problem, nausea and most commonly the painful pounding,

Dr. Michael Ament, said, “This drug is one of its kinds. There is nothing ever designed like this ever before. It is designed to stop a migraine even before it starts.” This is the first drug to work by halting the activity of CGRP (calcitonin gene-related peptide), a molecule which is one of the causes of a migraine attack, without any conventional side-effects.

The treatment is performed in a form of monthly self-injection and needs a prescription from a medical practitioner. The cost of the treatment is supposed to be from $575 per month to $6,900 each year in the USA.

Dr. Ament, said, “This newly approved drug can give you the ability to have more control and aid, to get your life back.” However, there is powerful medication for migraines, the medical practitioners suggest individuals maintain and healthy lifestyle and food habits to avoid the occurrences of migraines.

There are mobile applications like “Migraine Buddy”, which are helpful in tracking what things trigger your headaches and logs of weather conditions to offer you the hints so you can be ready to face the issues.

Dr. Ament says, “It is completely evil, it is difficult for the people to know, that they cannot have their favorite beverage anymore, or they cannot go to have a walk in their locality due to the weather. Their complete life gets impact with it.” Not only this even their families and spouses lives are also impacted.

“With the advent of this new drug people can enjoy every moment without any fear and have a complete control of their lives.”

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