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Study: Lung Cancer Can Be Treated Using Nanoparticles From Tea Leaves

“Nanoparticles gathered from tea leaves can help in treating lung cancer.”

As per the Welsh Cancer Intelligence and Surveillance Unit, “Lung cancer is among the 4 most deadly forms of cancer in Wales.”

Lead researcher, Dr. S. Pitchaimuthu said, “The primary reason we begin to think of considering tea leaves is that they chemically produce quantum dots price around £250 to £500 per microgram; however, the organically derived ones can be developed for £10 per microgram, and these organically created quantum dots don’t have any bad impact on the healthy cell around the cancerous cells.

Researchers said, “The dots had great fluorescence release for bio-imaging of the cancer cell, but the best thing was finding the cells were elimination and weren’t able to recreate or replicate themselves.” He further added, “The quantum dots are so small that they can penetrate through the nanopores of the cancer cell walls.

Dr. S. Pitchaimuthu said, effectively using quantum dots as the treatment on humans need some more research. He said, “Initially we need to increase the production from the small quantity which we have developed in the laboratory.” Till now, we have tested the dots on Petri Dish by directly infusing the dots.

He added, “We need to look for an enzyme which can transport the dots to the cancerous cells in living beings, without badly influencing the healthy tissue around it.” The live laboratory tests will start soon, which is followed by human trails if everything goes as planned.

The team led by Dr. S. Pitchaimuthu is also trying to discover other possible applications of quantum dots for treating the cases of solar cells, the anti-microbial paint used in operation theatres, water pollutant treatments and in sunscreen.

These leaves are eco-friendly also, as the tea leaves used for the experiment belong to the 3rd crop which is considered unsuitable to consume, which usually ends up in a landfill.

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