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Advocates Of Data Privacy Asks Amazon To Stop Selling Face ID Techs To Police

As per ACLU or the American Civil Liberties Union, the agency for law enforcement has strictly asked Amazon to refrain from selling the face recognizing gadget. It is available on the e-commerce site in the name of Rekognition. It recognizes the face of the passersby and has imposed a threat on the privacy of the personal identity. People may also misuse it as a medium to accomplish the mass surveillance, without exhibiting any warning.

The decision to sell the robust face recognition tool was taken by Amazon to help the police personnel with their cases. However, the situation has also come up with a threatening effect where the personal identification of the people will be revealed to the police, regardless of his/her attachment to a crime.  It also has the capability to track the movements of the people without their knowledge.

The gadget was launched in late 2016 and the quantity of the pieces sold is not known yet. The Police office in Oregon is using it to single out a particular person from the crowd of 300,000 photos, while the Orlando Police Department is seeking assistance from the device to identify a particular person in a public space. The minors who have already been arrested on irrelevant grounds may face acute scenario along with the immigrants who are residing in the country with inappropriate papers.

Due to an immense list of negative approaches, Amazon was asked to stop the production and selling of the said product. The privacy advocates want the people to enjoy their freedom without having to worry about the surveillance on behalf of the government. However, Amazon had also emphasized on abiding the rules which will be implemented on the people who won’t follow the rule. As per the organization, the people also should take responsibility and concentrate on following the newly instated law.

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