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Twitter PWA Is Almost Going Stealth With Night Mode For Windows

The PWA of Twitter is finally getting the “Night mode” for Windows.

A rundown of new features of Twitter’s new PWA:

  1. If you are a night owl, you can switch to night mode and scroll all night long.
  2. Get real-time updates of reply, like, and re-tweet count of the tweets and witness how a tweet goes viral.
  3. A new tweet compose box has been introduced to make it easier to move easily in between the timeline and your tweet, and experience more navigational-friendly version of PWA.

Much awaited night mode had been added to the newest PWA (Progressive Web App) of Twitter for Windows. The night mode is accessible, so the users do not need to strain their eyes during using the app in dark.

If you have already used the dark theme of Twitter earlier, you are aware what you will get with this new PWA. Tweets in the timeline are shown against a dark blue background, which is much serene on the eyes.

But the new PWA of Twitter has only the Dark theme as an upgrade to its earlier version. The PWA is also offering real-time updates for re-tweets, replies, and likes. The compose section has some customization to make it easier to manage the timeline and tweet.

As the new Twitter app is a PWA, there is no need of installing any updates to enjoy the benefits of night mode. It will be available on your device the next time you will access the app. You can enable the feature by clicking your profile picture and enable the night mode.

However, the Windows users who are already using the dark mode of the system will automatically get access to the night mode.

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