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Facebook Update: Change In The Method Of Authenticating User Logins

Facebook is a very tangible platform. The engineers update the platform every other day to make it more easy to use and to provide the best user experience. This is how it manages to top the Social Media and Networking platform.

A few days earlier, there was hype that Facebook might launch its own crypto-currency (though not yet confirmed). And now, here is the other lead (confirmed) of Facebook upgrading the methods to increase the security of user account logins. Soon users will have access to multiple options like 2-way (two-factor) authentication to stay secure on the platform.

The social giant is making improvement in the process for 2-way verification of user login information on its platform, so the users do not need to provide the phone number to attain extra security to their devices. This can provide more efficiency to the users to keep their information to them (not to put it online).

The company said today that it is offering support for other third-party verification applications such as Google Authenticator and Duo Security, as well as making the setup process simpler.

The 2-way authentication method is widely accepted and appreciated security method that provides an added line of safety for users, so there won’t be any issues if someone hacks their login credentials. Mobile SMS isn’t a full proof alternative for 2FA or 2WA (2-way authentication), because hackers can possibly get unauthorized access to your SIM and can use it on any other mobile device.

Earlier this year, Alex Stamos, CSO, Facebook, notably made an apology after users began to complain that Facebook was spamming them on their phone number which is registered for 2-factor authentication. The official said: it won’t happen again, and it obviously won’t if they do not have your phone numbers in first place.

The upgraded authentication process will eventually not use your phone number. The newly added functioning is accessible under the Facebook settings tab in Security and Login option.

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