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McDonald’s Shareholders Fighting Against The Plastic Straw Use

McDonald’s shareholders initiated a proposal that insists the fast-food chain to find an alternative to plastic straws. The proposal received only 7.65% of the vote at the company’s annual meeting.

If the McDonald’s takes corrective action to accept the proposal, the company will need to submit a report to shareholders stating the business risks of using plastic straws. The company has assured that it is working on a series of major steps to be taken to cut waste and heighten its sustainability image.

SumOfUs, the consumer advocacy group, stated that McDonald’s uses about 95 Millions of single-use straws around the world every day. Elaine Leung, Marine Biologist, from SumOfUs, concerned that the plastic straws are not biodegradable. Although someone may feel that plastic straw as a harmless little item because of their smaller shape, they can increase in number to be hazardous very easily.

SumOfUs had initiated online petition urging McDonald’s to get rid of plastic straws. It received more than 480,00 people adding their names to this petition in support. Reportedly, McDonald’s restaurants in the U.K. have initiated to use paper straws. However, plastic straws are made available on the customer demand.

McDonald’s has asserted that it will continue to focus on finding a more sustainable alternative for plastic straws globally. The company further added that it has started using compostable straws in certain markets for time being. The fast-food chain has taken this decision to comply regulations while they are working together with their packaging experts, who will help them to develop an eco-friendly and reasonable alternative for all their restaurants globally.

Earlier this week, Alaska Airlines made an announcement about replacing the plastic straws and citrus picks with sustainable and marine-friendly alternatives.

On the next day of this announcement, Rafael L. Espinal Jr., New York City councilman, initiated a bill to outlaw on the use of plastic straws in the city’s restaurants. He concerned about the unnecessary use of plastic straws, which are causing harm to the environment.

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